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Pro 260


Club – Intermediate Player
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Product Details

Player Type: Club / Intermediate

Construction: Graphite

Length: 27"

Un-strung Weight: 260g / 9.1oz

Un-strung Balance: 335mm

Headsize: 100sq inch

Stiffness/RA: 65

Beam Width: 22-25-25mm

String Pattern: 16x19

String Tension: 52-62lbs / 23-28kgs

Technology: Penta X-Section, DynamicGS


dynamic gs

Elastomer suspended articulated grommets in the 3 and 9 o'clock position provide greater string movement and shock absorption giving more power and comfort.


penta x-section

This unique 5 sided pentagonal cross section in the shaft portion of the V100 series rackets enhances racket resilience and torsional impact control, giving outstanding racket power without compromising control.

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