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Slazenger Aero


Hockey Stick
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Product Details

Aero Lo:

  • Low bow 25mm profile
  • 80% Quad core carbon construction
  • Lengths 36.5" & 37.5"

Aero Mid:

  • Smooth bow 25mm profile
  • 80% Quad core carbon construction
  • Lengths 36.5" & 37.5"
  • 464979 Slazenger SZR Aero L1.0 36.5"
  • 464980 Slazenger SZR Aero L1.0 37.5"
  • 464981 Slazenger SZR Aero M1.0 36.5"
  • 464982 Slazenger SZR Aero M1.0 37.5"

aero cross-section

Lower coefficient of drag than competitor sticks allows the Slazenger Aero to cut through the air faster whilst using less energy. The angled rear face provides a thicker front edge for greater stopping power and the thinner reverse edge helps with reverse-stick hitting.


offset handle

Slazenger’s unique offset handle design is more inline with the sweetspot than conventional style sticks. This increases the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for less torsional deflection on ball impact.

The offset style delivers greater ease and control whilst dribbling and decreases the stick angle to the ground when defending and ball stopping.


quad core

Our industry redefining, patent pending Quad Core technology is a first for hockey giving the stick up to 15% greater lateral stiffness and torque resistance to deliver a superior solid feel and power in a lighter weight package.


squoval handle

The Squoval shaped handle provides better grip and comfort whilst increasing the strength of the carbon structure in the handle for inherently greater torsional and lateral stiffness for enhanced control and feel.


twin core

Standard across all the Slazenger graphite composite stick range, our twin core system is engineered for exceptional strength, feel, stiffness and durability.

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