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Simple, elegant and powerful the new V Series sticks from Slazenger are taking inspiration from the market leading cricket bat range to move a step forward in stick design. 2012/13 sees the continuation of the FUSE, NANO and 1500K ARMOUR technologies giving each stick in the V Series a perfect combination of power, precision and performance. Each stick is available in two lengths 36.5" and 37.5". See Specification chart
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Product Details

  • Low Bow 25mm profile
  • 90% Carbon
  • Lengths 36.5" & 37.5"

1500k armour

2012 see’s the continuation of 1500K Armour. The Carbon and 1500D Kevlar cloth is added to the heel and shaft of the stick to increase durability on sand based astro turf pitches. On water based astro’s it helps prevent water damage to the shaft of the stick.



The carbon core technology and unique composite construction from Slazenger provides more responsive sticks for all player types.


nano technology

Slazenger’s NANO process enhances the quality of the stick at a molecular level. This increases the uniformity between the resin and carbon fibres producing a more consistent and stable bond.

The result is additional tensile shaft strength which produces a more powerful stick that is also more stable on off centre hits.

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