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Aero V100 Team


Advanced Player
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Product Details

Player Type: Advanced

Construction: Premium Graphite

Length: 27"

Un-strung Weight: 280g / 9.87oz

Un-strung Balance: 335mm

Headsize: 100sq inch

Stiffness/RA: 71

Beam Width: 22-25-25mm

String Pattern: 16x19

String Tension: 52-62lbs / 23-28kgs

Technology: Monocoque Construction, Penta X-Section, RippleGS, Aero Profile, Oviform Headshape, 3K Carbon


3k carbon

Slazenger’s premium 3K carbon construction features a blend of unidirectional and braided carbon offering an optimal strength to weight ratio with excellent shock absorption properties. This lightweight durable structure improves racket stability and with its ultra-fine densely packed fibres allows greater energy transmission through the racket to provide superior feel.

aero profile

Tapering aerodynamic profile in the hoop allows for greater racket head speed and manoeuvrability for superior shot making.


monocoque construction

Conventional graphite rackets use a separate bridge section which is fused into the racket during moulding. Slazenger’s unique Monocoque construction is different because it uses a one piece racket construction which optimally distributes tension over the entire graphite structure to ensure no loss of performance or feel caused by fatigue at the joins in the carbon layers. This provides outstanding structural strength and racket response.


oviform headshape

The AERO range of rackets all feature a 15% wider more elliptical head shape increasing the sweet spot of the racket and more evenly distributing string tension around the hoop to provide greater more forgiving power especially on off centre hits.


penta x-section

This unique 5 sided pentagonal cross section in the shaft portion of the V100 series rackets enhances racket resilience and torsional impact control, giving outstanding racket power without compromising control.


ripple gs

A new grommet system on the V100 series rackets that generate greater grommet compression on ball impact, filters vibrations and enhances the rackets trampoline effect. The result is enhanced power with comfort.

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