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The V360 is a model perfect for action in all three formats of the game. With cricket evolving at a faster rate than ever, Slazenger has responded with a bat of extreme quality for fantastic improvised all round shot making. The V360's higher extended sweet spot and light balanced pick up gives the batsman the confidence and genuine power to perform in any arena against any attack.
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Product Details

Player Type: All Round Stroke Player, Created for players who play any format of the game; a classic combination of control and power.

Construction: English Willow, Quality hand selected English Willow expertly handcrafted by our master bat makers.

Profile: Mid-High Blade, A commanding mid-high blade profile and extended sharp spine ensure the best possible pick up with a reassuringly large swell to clear any boundary.

Handle: Semi-Oval 12 Piece Cane, Specially selected cane delivers an optimal combination of power, control and flexibility.

Edge: Contoured Edge Profile, ood crafted towards the middle and edges delivers an extended sweet spot.

Bow: Standard, A subtly bowed blade generates a perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power and control.

Toe: Square, New for 2013, an Eoin Morgan inspired square toe ensures a great stance position which works to achieve more power and greater control.

Face: Flat/Rounded, The perfect combination of durability and power; edges are hand rounded for better performance.

Weight: 2lb 8oz - 2lb 12oz, Carefully handcrafted blade with sharp spine helps concentrate weight within the sweet spot.

Grip: Octoplus, New and improved for 2013 to offer superior upper hand grip and increased lower hand cushioning for exceptional feel and control.

Finish: Pre Knocked In with Slazenger IPS Toe Guard, All models are pre knocked in with selected models featuring the Slazenger IPS Toe Guard.


octoplus grip

Improved for 2013, the OctoPlus grip combines different gradients of Octopus texture to deliver exceptional grip for the top hand and extra cushioning for the bottom hand resulting in a perfect balance of control and feel.


pure spine

Classic style concave spine with maximum edge profiling provides superior bat stability across the hitting zone.


square toe

Designed to increase the hitting surface area whilst lowering the centre of gravity of the bat to provide greater swing weight and power distribution, as used by England’s Eoin Morgan.

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