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V1200 Hex


Re-engineered for 2013 and featuring two of our most cutting edge technologies to date; the V1200 is a bat of technical excellence showcasing our brand new Dual Spine profile and the MCC approved Hex Handle.The combination of these two technologies produce a bat of immense power and control with unrivalled balance and pick up. Benefiting from the anti-twist Hex Handle and a Dual Spine that delivers precision control across the blade, the V1200 will suit any player with a naturally aggressive game.
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Product Details

Player Type: Aggressive Stroke Player, Scientifically engineered profile to ensure greater torsional control with added power.

Construction: English Willow, Quality hand selected English Willow expertly handcrafted by our master bat makers.

Profile: Low-Mid Blade, Slazenger's brand new Dual Spine profile delivers a higher MOI (Moment of Inertia) which enables greater power distribution across the face and helps to generate an enlarged sweet spot.

Handle: Semi-Oval 12 Piece Cane, Specially selected cane delivers an optimal combination of power, control and flexibility.

Edge: Xtreme Edge Profile, Maximised edges will take your game to the next level. A super concaved spine ensure edges remain at their biggest for relentless power hitting.

Bow: Indian, A Indian style bow generates a perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power and control.

Toe: Tapered, New for 2013, a tapered toe as standard provides a superior stance position. Willow is distributed across the toe inline with a concaved profile for a better pick up.

Face: Flat/Rounded, The perfect combination of durability and power; edges are hand rounded for better performance.

Weight: 2lb 8oz - 2lb 14oz, Carefully handcrafted blade with sharp spine helps concentrate weight within the sweet spot.

Grip: Octoplus, New and improved for 2013 to offer superior upper hand grip and increased lower hand cushioning for exceptional feel and control.

Finish: Pre Knocked In with Slazenger IPS Toe Guard, All models are pre knocked in with selected models featuring the Slazenger IPS Toe Guard.


dual spine

Slazenger’s revolutionary dual spine profile delivers greater power distribution across the face whilst improving bat torsional stability for greater shot accuracy.


hex handle

Hex Handles provide a method of increasing stability and torsional strength in the handle to offer players greater control, comfort and feel whilst reducing shock on ball impact. Hex creates a more stable and parallel batting face to offer greater accuracy whilst reducing energy loss through unwanted bat movement.

Hex’s secret lies in the method of manufacture whereby we use alternating layers of cane and elastomer/cork. The six piece Hex Handle creates a hollow structure of cane and elastomer/cork to create the characteristic hexagonal shape in the centre of the handle. The Hex Handle helps reduce handle weight by up to 2oz and has been rigorously tested by some of the best players in world cricket.


octoplus grip

Improved for 2013, the OctoPlus grip combines different gradients of Octopus texture to deliver exceptional grip for the top hand and extra cushioning for the bottom hand resulting in a perfect balance of control and feel.


tapered toe

Toe taper profiling follows the natural lie angle of the bat improving stance positioning and grounding therefore providing superior bat durability.

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